Sunday, March 8, 2009

DL Hughley Breaks The News, Appears To Be Canceled

As the title states, it appears that D.L.'s news show is to be canceled.

I'm personally disappointed by this. I really did enjoy this show. I'll admit that at first, the humor was a bit... strenuous at times, it indeed picked up in later weeks. To me, D.L. presented himself as an intellectual from the way he talked about the issues with his guests. Yet, I'm aware of the resistance from the black community, stating that his humor was - among other things - embarrassing to us.

Let me say this: I never felt embarrassed nor thought that his humor held any ill intentions (to our race). The reason why I enjoyed this show was because it had placed a comedic spin on the week's news and even informed me about things I may have missed. It was a great show to unwind with on a Saturday night, in light of all the hell going on with the economy and other social issues.

Of course, this show's cancellation has made me think of a certain theme that bothers me - one I hope to discuss a bit later, but is outside of the scope I'd like for this post to possess.

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