Friday, September 26, 2008

What Kind Of Week Has This Been? Part II

I would like to start with a quote:

I get the impression that recent political developments have left you speechless. :-)

It's certainly not a boring election...

- Opps, a frequent commenter.

I couldn't agree with you more Opps. This election has been anything but boring, and its about time I've let loose on some things. I have a feeling that this could turn into a rant if I'm not careful, so please bear with me everyone.

At this point, every American is cognizant of the economic debacle rippling not only here at home, but though out the rest of the world's markets as well. I just heard this morning that Washington Mutual went under, following suit behind some other major power players. How in the world did we let things get to this point? Who fell asleep at the helm and is now expecting we the tax payers to help out?

Now, I see this in two lights. America is already in a ridiculous amount of debt and bailing out all of these companies will only dig our hole even more. Companies that in my eyes, don't deserve to be saved. Companies and their head of operations that should go under and suffer. But at the same time, those companies are so closely rooted into America's and the world's economy as a whole - so much so that I know and understand their collapse would send everything spiraling even more out of control. So whats the better evil out of all of the options we have before us?

And while I'm on this topic, what the hell does this mean for my and the rest of my fellow students? Those of us who are about to enter college and those who are already there. What does this mean for us when we graduate? What kind of a world will it be when we are finally expected to fully intergate ourselves into the so-called "real world"? Whatever decisions made will no doubt have us dealing with this for decades to come. Is it fair that I and my children will have to be burdened with all of this? I must say that all of these questions truely scare me. I only had my first job a summer ago and now the economy is in a panic.

A panic. A crisis. And interestingly enough, this has all happened during the build up to our Presidental Election. Also, has anyone heard of any talk of a recession anymore? Has that word disappeared out of our collective vocabulary, or is it that its not no longer important?

Next up on my hitlist is what McCain recently did. The first debate between him and Obama is to take place tonight, and the man had the nerve to pull out saying that fixing the economy situation is more important. I was so shocked when I heard this. This is THE time to be debating. Now more than ever. Plus, isn't this the man who owns how many houses? Isn't this the man whose aide was being paid by Freddie Mac? I don't appreciate whatever game he's playing at. I give Chuck Shumer credit for telling McCain to get the hell out of the way and let them do what they have to do. He shouldn't be butting in so that he looks better.

The last thing I will go into before I explode is how the Republicans are sheltering Palin. She met with neumerous world leaders this week, but the press was hardly allowed to question her.

What, does she not have enough of a brain needed to answer whatever questions they pose? I find this to be worrying. Why is it that they don't trust her on her own? I saw her interview with Charles Gibson. Saw how she had a way of weaving in and out of answering questions that I would have loved to hear answers to. One could make the argument that the way her party is treating her, it makes her look like a stupid women ~ a form of sexism within itself; nevermind the Democraits "attacking" her because shes a women (shes fair game as far as I'm concerned. Open Season.). I think we've put up with enough crap from her - from the bridge/bridges to nowhere, her pregnant daugther (please, please, please don't let me get started on that), and her lackluster answers to grave questions. I'm waiting to see her tail on the line during her rounds of debates. Hope shes still having fun with looking at Russia through her window.

And McCain, you better show up tonight. Its not like you're doing much over there anyways - the Republicans walked out of the talks yesterday, so I heard. Show me you have more honour than that - its the least you can do.

What kind of week has this been indeed.

Update: McCain has chosen to join the debate tonight. I'll be watching, and I hope all of you will as well.


  1. I'm totally OK with what you wrote.It'll probably concern me in years because,as you know,I planned to go to an American College.I hope that Obama will do what he said on his speech about Education. Colleges are too expensive and everybody should be able to go to university.The elections are all except boring.As a teenager,it's the first campaign I see because I was too young in 2004.Thanks to the elections I know +- my political views. It's such a great experience for me,I watch the speeches in English and I see the United States with another eyes...The eyes of an European. The U.S have a big impact on the world.We feel this with George W.Bush.There are French books about Obama and the American Dream. There's also a website called "La France Pour Obama". I can really understand his program thanks to the translations and the explanations.

    Strange quote from Opps. Does he live in France? or Is he an American?

  2. About Opps,

    I'm not too sure. I think he may, considering he and his wife run this website:

    Anyways, this is the first election I've heavily followed. I have vague memories of the 2004 one, but nothing too important.

  3. He lives in France and is an American. :-)

    Good post, by the way. You're right to be irritated by the B.S.. You ask good questions about the economic issues.

  4. Thanks Oops. Glad you liked it. At this rate I'm thinking about moving somewhere far from America. Then again, the problem is that America's so tied into the world's economy that everyone will feel all of this crap.