Friday, September 26, 2008

What Kind Of Week Has It Been? Part I

This has been an odd week. Terrible, yet intriguing at the same time. I can’t believe that so many things came into the lime light - so much so, that this post needs two parts in order for me to get to them all.

First thing first - I was not asked to proceed onto Posse’s round two. I received a letter last Saturday delivering the news. Yet, I can’t say that I’m disappointed or upset. I truly went into it unsure of what I would do with such a gift to begin with. At least now, I can put all my energy back into my trailing my own path, wherever that leads me.

I must say this though - thank you to everyone who had a say in sending my name into consideration. The group meeting last Wednesday was simply fun and a good experience for all the teens there. I’m glad for even having the chance.

Next up is a trip my school is planning during spring break. There are plans to travel to Paris, Florence, and Rome during the week of that vacation on some sort of “science exploration”. I, of course, really want to go. If for nothing else, just to see Paris with my own eyes. I won’t get much of a chance to actually soak in much - out of the nine or so days planed, only two of them take place in that city, its still so much better than nothing.

Of course, there is an issue of costs. The entire trip including air fare, food, tour guides, hotel accommodation, and another slew of different things is just about 2,500 dollars. That almost made me want to cry, but who knows - there are plans to do fundraisers to attempt to drive down the cost, so I may have a chance after all. I’ll of course blog about what happens as time goes on.

Lastly, there is the recent betrayal of a friend. Not much to say here, except she acted in a manner I expected from her. And so now I get to sit back and watch as things crumble around her feet. That within itself is worth a few giggles, though its sad it had to come to that.

p.s. - To anyone who can guess what inspired the title of this post, I will give you a digital cookie. :p


  1. Well,I'm so sorry for the Posse scholarship. You're a good student and I'm sure that you'll find another one :D About your school trip,that's awesome! You'll visit beautiful places.I've been to Paris and Florence when I was a kid.I've never been to Rome.$2,500 dollars is very expensive! I've got the same problem...There's a school trip to Sicily and it's about $935 (remember that I live in Europe). Maybe another one to Madrid :D Make a sign when you plan to come in my little country LOL The plane tickets are very expensive between the U.S and Europe,I still don't know why :(

    About the title,I have some propositions:

    - Maybe the title of an episode of "The West Wing"

    - Maybe the title of an episode of "Studio 60"

    -Or maybe the title of an article from "The Country Lawyer" from FoxNews.

    Can I have my digital cookie? lol

  2. You're right about the first two guesses. I LOVE Studio 60, btw. Good luck with your trip.

    *hands over digital cookie*

  3. Woo-woot I've got my digital cookie :D I love Studio 60 too,Matthew Perry is so amazing. And the West Wing is very interesting even if the presidents of the U.S are different in the reality.

    Thanks,good luck with your trip!

  4. I have all the episodes of Studio 60 in my collection. I never got around to the West Wing though. I should make the time to soon.

    Why aren't you ever on aim anymore? Get on so i can talk to you again.

  5. I admire your take on the Posse scholarship. It reminds me of the old proverb: "When one door closes--another one opens." The catch is that it's not always immediately apparent. You'd be an amazing addition to any incoming university class and am sure you'll find something that's a great fit.

  6. Thanks Ted. I'm just trying to follow where life takes me and obviously, my path wasn't through Posse.