Monday, September 29, 2008

Cosmic Joke?

Today was something else.

Thats all I can say. It was fairly nice but one part, just one part, messed with me the rest of day.

In English today I had to join a little trio for a book discussion. I was only the senior in the group, so I didn't really know the juniors I had to talk to.

I sat down to join them, asked their names and respectivfully gave mine in return when the girl in the group said all knowingly "Oh so you're Ryan." And with that one line it set off a very, very uncomfortable dialouge.

Me: Um, yea I am. *wonders why she suddenly took that tone.*
Girl: Ah, I heard about you from Constanza.
Me: WHAT?! *Fear slowly creeps over my body*
Girl: Yea, she mentioned you...
Me: *bugging out* And why did I come up?
Girl: Oh don't worry. We were just talking about our ex boyfriends. If she said anything bad I wouldn't have brought it up.
Me: *still in shock*

Seriously though - What the hell? How is it that someone I dated 3-4 years ago still have connections like that (keep in mind, I haven't seen the girl in about a year and a half)? And I don't buy her saying that I "just came up". That seems way too much like a random shot in the dark to be true.

Now I can't help but wonder. Just what was said about me?


  1. Ryan, you are too much!
    Seriously when Constanza and I were talking, it was nothing but innocent. We were naming all the boyfriends that we had in the past

    and she mentioned you. Nothing bad was said about you at all , believe me if she were holding a grudge against you , or something bad was said about you ; my attitude towards you would have been drastically different.

    She's not speaking badly about you behind closed doors. Don't worry!

    - Binta

  2. lol. Kay, I believe you. Though its still a scary thought...

    Hope you stick around on this blog. I can use more people willing to bounce their ideas around with me.

    Happy you're attitude towards me was the way it was. :)

  3. your cosmic joke created a cosmic joke

  4. Kinda funny :D This is a brand new episode of "The Young and the Restless",I can't wait for the next episode...Lmao!

    Btw,What's the meaning of "A Cosmic Joke"?

  5. @Juan - Quiet you.

    @ Caroline - A cosmic joke is a bit hard for me to explain. Its like, you think that karma or the universe is out to get you by playing a mean joke on you.

  6. Well, Ryan, it's great to see that you made a new friend :D


  7. wilbert, who doesn't feel like logging inSeptember 30, 2008 at 12:52 PM

    ah, ryan and his friends... i almost regret not being there to see this all unfold...


    (college>high school)

  8. Oh, don't worry. We don't regret you not being here. After all,

    (high school without you>high school with you).