Saturday, June 6, 2009

Prom: The Pinnacle of the Collective High School Existance

A little over a week late, I orginally planned to post this last Saturday. Oh wells, better late than never - Enjoy!

After months of steadfast refusal to attend, I ended up going. During the 'senior trip' to the nearest Six Flags, my guidance counselor did in two minutes what my fews couldn't do weeks on end - convince me to get my sorry behind to go. How ashamed I was that my convictions - however antisocial or stuck up they were - about not going came tumbling down at a mere look. This was in the morning and by the end of that day, I had myself a date.

I move very quickly.

I must say that I was shocked that my date didn't already plan to attend the event with someone else. There were six days till prom and she is a lot more popular than she seems to realize, or at least pretends to realize. I can't imagine that no one had bothered to ask, so how lucky was I? Granted, she wasn't the only one I had asked. Before I entered my stage of "Prom is the devil" line of reasoning, there were at least two people I had asked. One of the girls is so far away and the other has literally dropped off the face of the earth. But hey, with the date situation solved, I didn't really have any need to fret.

Fast-forwarding six days, plans for prom were completed. The limo was rented - thank you Brandon, Corsage was picked up, and sleeping argements had been made. Seeing as how difficult it is to organize my group of friends, I'm still shocked everyone moved so quickly. Yet, the biggest shock was Prom itself.

Prom was - as much as I don't care to admit it - FUN. No clickiness
from my grade; everyone just had enjoyed themselves. I was told that I would regret not going and I must say that I actually would have. And time just seemed to melt away. I can't believe how disappointed I was to hear that midnight had aproched us so soon.

Of course, the repricussions of that night was something to behold. A certain set of photos surfaced on Facebook, causing a recus for the eniter weekend and - much more closer to home - brought some issues to light. Things that weren't really paid any mind before took center stage. A week later, and I'm still not sure what truly happened.

At least I wasn't bored, right?

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