Friday, January 2, 2009

The 11th Doctor: To Be Reveal Tomorrow

I was poking around my newsfeed and found this headline over on BBC News:

New Doctor Who to be announced

And of course, knowing the big Dr. Who fan I am, I just had to read the article. Its been known that David Tennant is leaving the show before the 2010 series begins, but tomorrow we get to know whos replacing him.

While I'm really excited to find out, a large part of me can't bare the thought of it. Its rare that I become so attached to a show - let alone a character - so its going to be hard for me to imagine anyone else after Tennant* (my cousin shares the same sentiment, judging from her hearty "Damn him" when I first informed her of his decision to leave).

Yet still, the show is moving in new direction in almost every way. And as annoying as his departure will be, I can't see myself not watching - save for the new staff somehow royally messing up, which I doubt is possible.

Either way, heres to doctors to come and doctors long past.

*Yes I'm aware of nine other people playing the role. Its just hard for me to see an 11th doctor -- I simply don't know why.


  1. Should be interesting tomorrow.

    The genius of the show is that it has a built-in mechanism to survive major changes in casting and thus evolve. That's why it's still going 45 years after it began.

    I was more upset by Eccleston's departure. Not because he was indispensable or better than Tennant (he was neither), but why would you take the starring role of a series for only one year? Perhaps there was some scandal or personality clash or money negotiation that was never aired publicly. Or maybe he was afraid that once you're Doctor Who for a long time you never get hired to play another role, but he would have thought about that before taking the job.

  2. Looking back, I do remember being a little bugged by his leaving as well. Though, after looking around online, the common explanation I found was that he didn't want to be typecasted as the Doctor. I didn't understand why he would take the role if he was scared of that in the first place, but I left it alone because I had Tennant to watch on screen.

  3. My experience with the last transition was similar to yours, but I'm less worried about the current transition. Tennant had a great run. Now they'll go in a new direction, which is okay.

    About your 2 latest twitter questions, cloud computing is already a very useful thing, since it's the infrastructure which powers Google and Amazon. What Google, Amazon and others are trying to do is make that power available to others at a low cost. The problem with current cloud computing solutions is vendor lock-in. If you build on Amazon's cloud you have to do things the Amazon way to some extent, for Google's cloud it's the Google way, etc.

    What the NPR post talked about was really SaaS applications running on Google's cloud (and really just Google's own programs). Those apps are starting to become useful. I found out this weekend that Google Docs spreadsheet is starting to offer some very fancy multidimensional data analysis tools for free.

    About which language to learn when starting programming, even though I'm mainly a Java guy, I suggest Ruby and C - Ruby because it's easy to do cool stuff without knowing what you're doing (which makes it fun), and C because it's hard to do cool stuff without knowing what you're doing (which makes it educational). Ruby is structured so programming is aligned to some degree with how people think, while C is aligned more with how computers actually work.

  4. Well, we may have to wait at least another year or so before we find out what Matt Smith will bring to the role. I was kind of hoping they might do something daring like changing the Doctor's ethnicity (or gender even). The only surprise is how young the guy is, since he's 26 years old.

  5. I was out and had to highjack a friend of mine's phone to find out about who they picked.

    My first response -- among a string of other things -- was "Who the hell is that guy?". I just finished poking around and I'm not too sure. I guess we do have to wait, but I want to complain a little first.