Friday, August 22, 2008

Romanticising the Future... Reminiscing the Past

I revisited Columbia University last Friday. Some may remember my last visit there - I was completely engrossed by its beauty and the sheer magnitude that I couldn’t help but get overwhelmed. I knew I had to go back at some time before the college selection process was over and so even though it took ten months, the proper circumstances finally came into being.

Let me start by saying that the basis of the trip came up fairly randomly. I was talking about the school with Ted, a friend of mine from MOUSE and he very graciously offered to accompany me there. I, of course, simply couldn’t refuse and so we set a date.

Finally, a few weeks later, we headed to the university. Along the way we ended up running into a friend of mine from class and his little group which included his mom and some guests.

While I was there, actually exploring the area surrounding Columbia with my friend, we both stood in a very interesting position - we could see the past, as clear as day and at the same time, we were trying to construct a vision of the future. As we walked, we remember all the little events from our 7 years at our current school - trips, awkward moments, random conversations at lunch ~ just all the good times in general. And then, we realized (though I think it was already understood in a way) that we’re about to start the conclusion to our 7 years. The end of all of our journeys together. All in preparation for the next stage of life.

That seems to be a major theme behind all of my meetings with friends this whole summer. There is this aura of remembrance and nostalgia that we can’t seem to wash away. And the interesting thing is that I don’t believe we actually do wish to get rid of it - it very well may be one of the strongest bonds we have to one another so we’re just simply better off allowing it to persist.

In two week's time I will find myself back in the halls of my school, back among everyone. I'm not too sure if what I described in previous paragraph will last, but if not it was still nice while it lasted.

Here's to Senior Year!

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