Thursday, May 20, 2010

Year of the Black Republican?

As 2010 is being dubbed as another 'Year of the Black Republican', I think it's time for me to re-evaluate my feelings towards this rather small demographic of black folks.

Let me be honest: black republicans aren’t my favorite bunch of black folks in the world. I do have a habit of viewing them with in a snide manner. However, I’m not completely sure I can run them through the mud like their more liberal counterparts do.

I do think that there is currently an opportunity for black republicans within the tea party and the Republican Party at large. The Tea Party, who have been branded – rightfully or not – with the label ‘racist’, are logically in the market for some black folks. Looking for recognition, it makes sense for politically minded black republicans to want to align themselves with the movement and their campaign. Yet, at what cost? I can’t fathom being positioned as a means for much limited ‘racial inclusion’ is really worth the support of any group, but then again I’m not a politician. It wouldn’t surprise me if many of the black republicans recruited end up being miniatures Michael Steele replicas. It would truly be a sense of poetic justice, but it would also make me even more frustrated than I already am.

There is one aspect to black republicans that I find interesting. They provide a necessary kick to Democrats, who seem to have taken the black vote for granted for too long. As much as I may be liberal, I don’t care for considered as a vote that’s already in the bag. I’ve often heard people in my community say that they are only remembered ‘around election time’, and as far as I’m concerned, they are correct. Should the Republicans gain ground in black communities – most likely those with well-to-do blacks. I don’t foresee people who live in places that rank lower on the economic scale jumping ship – hopefully the Democrats become more accountable and active in regards to their black constituents.

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