Thursday, August 6, 2009

To Mac, Pc Users: Get Over It

I shall begin with a simple statement: I don't believe in participating in the argument between Mac and Pc users over which system is better. Each system has its ups and downs, thus it is up to the individual user to decide what their preference is.

I thought this mentality was simple enough to understand, but it appears I was wrong (as always). I really hate it when Mac and Pc users alike bash the other side due to their own 'horrific' experiences and/or lack of understand of the rival platform.

It seems that people fail to grasp that this one and only truth: All computers, regardless of its maker and the software installed on it, will at some point in its life time malfunction. The degree of the malfunction varies, but the statement stands true. Trust me. After seven years of repairing computers and a summer working at a repair shop, I've seen the hellish side of it. That pretty little Macbook Pro you've got there - most likely gonna be the bane of your existence. And to make things worst, you're probably going to be the reason for it flipping out on you.

There are so many elements that both sides like to nitpick at each other for - be it price, customization, power, whatever. The list can go on forever. The machine costs more than you would like? Don't buy it. You want more control over your machine parts? Go somewhere else and don't complain. Want a nice design? They pony up the money for it.

My own personal preference is the Mac. And that is perfectly alright. But I'm not one of those people who go around as if they're in a missionary in Africa and try to convert as many innocent looking folks as possible. Like what you like people - just don't impose and use that tone of not so repressed disgust when you encounter others who don't agree with your tastes.

If you do, well then, I pray your machine will blow up in your face one day.

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