Sunday, April 19, 2009

Damn Tea Baggers

Can someone please tell me what these tea baggers actually want? I get the whole "governement extravagant spending" argument, but this seems a little too late for such things. Where the hell were they these past eight years? I really just can't comprehend what they're after.

I do however see this as a potential horse for the now debunked Republican Party to ride back in favor with the populous mentality. For some odd reason this country has a way of seeing some random, foolish as all hell school of thought rise up from obscurity and bite the rest of us in the arse - this is that next random, foolish as all hell school of thought. Lucky, some of us has been able to identify it for what it really is - but I fear it may be too late. I see it has been able to take root and it isn't dying (judging by the fact I'm still seeing this crap on my television screen). I'm quickly becoming fed up with the Republicans running around like chickens with no heads, attempting to rebuild their fallen throne. If they are allowed to, they will make this nonsense their core of their revival movement - a core that may be even more convoluted than it before all of this mess.

So I make this plead: Can someone please, in great detail, explain to me the premise of tea bagging? What is hoped to be accomplished and what are the fundamental ideas behind it. Maybe then I can come to understand the - most likely flawed - rationale fueling my latest political headache.

And by the way - the Boston Tea Party was about taxation without representation and now you lot have taxation with representation, so how is tea bagging the most effective effort to your clause?

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  1. This tea-bagging thing is an attempt by Republicans to turn people's (often justifiable) anger against unscrupulous bankers and Wall Street bailouts the like against Obama and the Democrats.

    They chose tea because it's a patriotic symbol that people associate with a revolt against tyranny, and they would like to energize their activist base (a.k.a. wingnuts) by associating Obama with tyranny.

    It's obviously not an appeal to logic.