Monday, October 29, 2007

MOUSE training '07 part one

Yesterday, I got to help train new incoming MOUSE students. Or maybe a better term for it was told to help train them. Basicly every year MOUSE holds a few training sessions to get students ready for the work they will need to be doing during the year. Now I've gone to a few before, maybe around 3 or 4 years ago and it was not that bad. However, I was not the one trying to teach the little donkeys. I was being taught to. And that made it so I was in for a little shock.
My job this time around was to provide support for the teachers, and this meant that I was go around and answer any questions the kids had and what-not. At the start of the I got to the school they were using at 9:10, sat down and got straight to work placing everyone into 4 rooms. Problem was that I can't spell for my life so I ended up making all the kids take out ID so I could get their names down faster. Another thing was that a lot of them refused to get into 2 lines. I did not understand what was so hard about that but since they were mostly middle schoolers I let it pass. Also you know the whole "quiet before the storm" people sometimes talk about? Its never been truer for me in my life. They would come in packs. Me and the others could hear their little footsteps climbing up the stairs and it was like "ah crap".
So after we got everyone into a room I wondered in on some of the lessons and watched. It was odd just standing there so I would walk around acting like I was doing something. I did this (along with talking with the others and watching YUI videos on youtube) until snack time came along. This was not too bad. Me and the other guys with me just picked a room, ran into it with a box of treats, gave it to the teacher, and ran out of there, leaving them to fend for themselves. Those kids were like hungry wolves. But if that was bad, it was nothing compared to when we started giving stuff away. But that shall be told in part two.


  1. is this found you blog looking for training video's on mouse

  2. Ah, I'm sorry to say its not. the mouse I'm talking about is this one: